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Welcome to Elite Pet Care where we are not your average dog walking business. Seattle Pet Sitting at its best, experienced handlers that specialize in outdoor adventures for your dogs and private dog walks in Seattle.  Professional dog walkers with over 10 years experience! Your dog will get an hour of high intensity activity and socialization with a pack of your dogs bfffs(best four legged friends forever)



cutoutpaw We come to your home and instead of taking your dog for a walk around the block, we drive them to a park and we PACK walk and play. Your dogs are out of the house walking, exploring, socializing and working out for at least 3 hours.  A great alternative to indoor doggy daycare. * private neighborhood walks are also available

cutoutpaw At the dog park, we are the dog handlers that are running around the entire time we are in the park. We are the ones throwing the ball hundreds of times each trip for our dogs. We are the ones always moving. We are there to exercise the dogs-not to socialize with humans or other walkers(we do appreciate some quick banter to meet peoples dogs and answer questions though!)

We get to the park and do a POOP loop, lol. We will pick up any poop we see since it carries disease and we want all dogs to be safe and healthy!

cutoutpaw Your dog is treated like our own and when we travel they sit in their own seat in Sarahs or  Bryans SUV  We will not load a pack of dogs into a truck trunk. They ride like the precious gems that they are!

cutoutpaw Groups are consistant so each dog is bonded to the pack, Our dogs stick together in the park, its really spectacular! We require a minimum of 2 outing/week to keep the pack bonded.

cutoutpaw When we have a dog park day, we try to walk the dogs 20-30mins BEFORE we enter the dog park. This ensures the dogs are in a calm state of mind when they enter the dog park. This calm behavior prevents dog fights and injuries. We pack walk, walking 8 dogs to us is easier for us to do then most people walking 1 or 2. Its a skill that allows us to give the dogs the fulfillment of being in a real pack! 

cutoutpaw Sarah is an expert dog walker, she can walk any dog! She can walk a 220 bearhead, prey driven, car chasing Rottie in a perfect heel. She also has an dog training option where she can show you how to walk your dogs instead of your dogs walking you.


Walking, hiking, playing in the park are all workouts for their body, mind and soul. As an expert dog handler, I can walk any dog, so do not worry if you have a hyper, misbehaved, crazy dog! After a few weeks of dog outings, your dog will be better behaved and happier!


Each dog is different so if your dog just needs to go have fun and be silly, that works. If your dog needs to learn to walk nice on leash, I will teach him how and make sure he minds his manners.

We offer pet sitting as well for those dogs like puppies, seniors, handicapped that need shorter walks or just a pawty break.




                                                    cutoutpaw Dogs are happiest and best behaved when they have daily exercise both mentally and physically.

Is your dog:



-chewing on things

-crated all day

-digging in the yard


-needing more socialization

-needing more exercise

-a really good dog that deserves a nice excursion in the woods?

If so, dog hikes are the perfect solution. Being a Ballard dog walker makes finding beautiful hikes easy! We are lucky to be surrounded by beauty!

While I love taking care of well behaved dogs, my specialty is hyper, crazy out of control dogs. I can calm them and teach you how to also. Some of the things I show you are so simple, you can implement them immediately!

Elite Pet Care is an exclusive Ballard dog walker serving Ballard, Green Lake, Fremont and surrounding areas.


Pet CPR & First Aid Certified. Background check cleared.

I look forward to being your Seattle dog walker!

Happy Tails!


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